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Donate to Milo's  

Thousands of homeless and abandoned animals end up in shelters where they are cold, scared and alone. Most end up being put down for various reasons. We at Milo's Dog Rescue help as many as we can - could you help us?


All of the dogs and cats that we rescue are spayed/neutered and seen by a vet for any health issues prior to going to their new home. It is enormously expensive as these animals have been victims of many diseases, left abandoned, severely mistreated and a great number hit by automobiles. The surgeries to repair their broken bodies add up to tens of thousands of dollars. We are completely dependent on financial support for vetting and we critically need foster and adoptive homes. We have NO paid employees and all of our volunteers help out of the goodness of their own hearts and unconditional love of animals. Every penny donated goes directly to helping our pack get healthy and find a loving family.


Every dollar, blanket, bottle, crate or bag of food helps! Nothing is wasted at Milo's. We take in kittens and puppies that must be bottle fed. We take in pregnant dogs that most shelters deem "unfit". Every life is precious to us. Every donation is valuable to us.

We can never thank our supporters enough. We could never do what we do without you.


          501c3 Approved        Donations are Tax Deductible


Other Ways You can Help!  

We are in constant need of certain items.  Please consider donating any of the following items.  Even old tattered blankets and towels are put to good use at Milo's!




(click here)



1. Wire fold down crates (Small, Medium or Large)

2. Beds for our puppies and kittens (Small, Medium or Large)

3. Puppy formula (powder)

4. Kitten formula (powder)

5. Sheets

6. Blankets

7. Towels

8. Adult dog food

9. Puppy food

10. Baby bottles

11. Leashes

12. Collars (Small, Medium or Large)

13. scratchers for cats

14. Gentle Leaders (Medium or Large)

15. Dog Treats

16. Dog Toys

17. Cat toys

18. Puppy training pads

19. Dog Shampoo

20. Greenies pill pockets

21. Cleaning supplies (bleach, Lysol spray, paper towels)

22. Electrical heating pad for our new born puppies and kittens

23. Kitty litter

24. Gift cards to Pet Supermarket, Petco or home improvement

Thank you all for help and support!

We would like to say a very special "Thank You" to Boomerangs ARF for their very generous donation. They are a 501(c)3 Animal Rescue Fund and non profit charity and we recommend for everyone to visit Boomerangs Thrift Store at 2365 Wilton Dr, Wilton Manors, 954-635-2725, or go to their web site at or Facebook



                        Thank you to PBHS Key Club for donating toys to our dogs.

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