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Jaylo's eye surgery and tumor removal was over 2 hours long and she ended up spending several days in hospital to control pain and bleeding.

Here are some of her photos from her journey with us and some of the incredible people involved in helping transport her back to me

Jaylo is an 8y.o., blind, neopolitan mastiff. Jaylo's story is a doozie and I only know about 9 months of it.

Jaylo was surrendered to Miami Dade last August, her owner surrendered her after breeding her and keeping her outside with zero medical care. She was heart worm positive, had severe glycoma in both eyes, and massive tumors hanging off of her chest. We like to refer to these as the "trash people" of the race.

Words from here foster mommy......

She was last call and I had been watching her for days, hoping and praying someone would save her. No one came. So I volunteered to foster her and Stacy Billingslea with Milo's Dog Rescue of South Florida agreed to pull her.

On her freedom ride she was just exhausted and defeated and she just reeked of feces. (I later find out it is due to it being caked into her inverted nipples and pads of her feet)

I get her home and quickly learn she is "blind blind" and does not like most dogs, especially the high energy females, which I happen to have 3 of. At her first vet visit she is deemed too sick and too old to do any surgical procedures on. So she is sent home with slow kill medicine for heart worm and several drops for her eyes. We get her glycoma under control and I am connected by another large rescue, unaffiliated with Milo's, that says they know of a sanctuary for mastiffs just like Jaylo. I am overjoyed. I think wow I'm actually going to be able to help this dog.

I talk to the sanctuary, located in Mississippi, and my dad volunteers to drive the almost 20 hour trip with me, sponsored by Milo's to get her where she needs to be. I drop her off on my 30th birthday and feel so accomplished.

Fast forward to a month ago I get a text from the "sanctuary" saying they are closing down and I have 4 days to pick Jaylo up. 4 days. I live over 1,000 miles away. I am quickly introduced to a group of people who volunteer their time and money and vehicles to help transport dogs all over the country. Jaylo makes it home and I notice her eyes look terrible one is basically bulging out of her head. Obviously the sanctuary didn't notice. (insert eye roll)

She goes to the regular vet. She is cleared of heart worm which was rad. But now she needs to go to the specialist. They say the eyes need to come out. So now we are going to sedate a 120lbs, 8y.o. mastiff to remove both of her eyes and two masses on her chest. I had very little hope she was going to pull through. Jaylo is a warrior if nothing else. She made it through and is healing up faster than expected.

Now it's Jaylo's real time. She needs her forever. A real forever where she isn't going to be disposed of again or treated like an object.

Everyone who helped transport Jaylo can tell you how sweet she is. She just wants to sit at your feet all day and be loved.

What I'd like; a quiet home for her to live out her remaining years. She is good with all people, big and small especially if you rub her butt. Some dogs she likes and some dogs she loathes. Cats are cool with her though. No pool or any water source in the back yard. (Trust me. She sinks and sinks fast.Thanks for making me be a lifeguard as a kid mom) She is great on a leash and loves a good walk. She is 100% potty trained. She is pretty depressed here with me and I want to get her to a happy place that wants and appreciates her. If it's you please message me directly. If it isn't you please share this post and help me find this beautiful soul that's been through hell her forever love.

Any donation will help towards her medical bills. Thank you all for your support.

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