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Humanity has failed Michaela. She is just a puppy - 6 months old and not quite 5 lbs - and life has certainly not been good to her so far.

Left in a box to die, emaciated to the point that she can barely lift her head. This did not happen quickly, this has taken time, this poor baby has suffered beyond comprehension. She is receiving around the clock emergency care and she remains critical. We have promised Michaela we will do everything possible to make her whole again, we will show her what love is and give her a life that she deserves. Please donate towards her medical bills, she has a very long road and every penny counts and will go directly towards her care www.milosdogrescue.com

PayPal: milosrescue@gmail.com

ZELLE: 954-628-2175


All Donations are Tax Deductible

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Milo's Dog Rescue uses Pet Emergency Centers for our                        after hours veterinary needs.